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About Insulated Mugs

Getting to the office and finding that your freshly bought coffee has gone lukewarm can be annoying. With an insulated mug, your hot drink stays that way for much longer, even hours. With top names like Thermos, this durable, heavy-duty container keeps drinks piping hot for up to five hours. While plastic mugs are most common, stainless steel mugs usually last longer and take less effort to keep clean. For business professionals and other individuals who are constantly on the go, an insulated travel mug with a spill-proof lid can be a life-saver. You can also use an insulated coffee mug to express something about your personality, such as your hobby, career, or sports affinity. On eBay, reliable sellers present an array of brand-new or vintage options, designed to keep coffee, tea, or cocoa steaming. With your new mug in hand, you can sip on your favorite hot drink all day.