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About Instant Camera

Shake it like a Polaroid picture. While you are not supposed to actually shake a photo taken from an instant camera, few can forget this catchy maxim. Instant photography was very popular in its time and still has many fans to this day. In the era when practically everyone owned a Polaroid camera, it seemed that instant photography would last forever. Unfortunately, after Polaroid closed its doors in the instant camera industry, the film became increasingly difficult to find. Luckily, companies like Fujifilm stepped up, allowing you to buy a new Fuji instant camera. Fans who crave the nostalgia of Polaroid can still find both the cameras and the film on eBay from many reliable sellers. In addition, an independent company has stepped up and is currently making film that is compatible with the old Polaroid cameras. This story has a happy ending after all, and it seems that instant photography will, perhaps, last forever.

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