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About InSinkErator

It?s almost impossible to hold a kitchen conversation without yelling over the loud, obnoxious garbage disposal?unless your home comes equipped with an InSinkErator. As the leading manufacturer of home and commercial food waste disposal systems, InSinkErator has been hard at work designing and optimizing disposers for generations, applying the latest technologies to make them more quiet and efficient. The introduction of the InSinkErator Evolution series marked the onset of combining aesthetics and science to create a disposal that could handle more volume, foods, and challenges than the rest, and their patented SoundSeal Plus technology is the quietest one yet. Just don?t forget to turn it off when you?re done. Investing in an InSinkErator is one decision homeowners won?t regret, and you don?t have to pay full retail. Check out what eBay?s most reputable sellers have available. Whether you?re shopping for new, used or InSinkErator parts, find them at a price you can afford. Don?t stink up your trash with all your table scraps; dispose of them with an InSinkErator.