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About Insanity 60 Day

In an image conscious world, nothing is worse than seeing yourself developing bingo wings, a jelly belly, or love handles. Workouts like the Insanity 60-day program make it to the shelves of many people’s DVD collections. The Insanity 60-day total body workout includes multiple phases of training, including plyometrics for your butt and legs, upper body resistance for your chest and arms, cardiovascular training to burn fat quickly, cardiovascular ab training, and recovery sessions to give muscle time to repair and develop. A second series of exercises sees you engaging in max interval plyometrics and max interval circuit training to sculpt what you’ve already achieved. Additionally, browse eBay sellers for a new or pre-owned Insanity 60-day workout set, which contains all the DVDs, calendars, and guides necessary to get your beach body ready. Imagine the confidence boost when others admire your newly sculpted figure. Two months of going insane will seem worth it as you strut your stuff at the ocean’s edge.