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About Initial Necklaces

Who can forget the heart-wrenching moment when Carrie Bradshaw loses her signature nameplate necklace during the final episode of "Sex and the City?" The team behind The CW's prequel, "The Carrie Diaries," did not forget, which explains why the younger Carrie sports a similar initial necklace. You can find a wide array of gold initial necklaces on eBay in new or used condition through many reliable sellers. Whether you prefer an elaborate S carved into a gold pendant or a diamond-studded M dangling from a silver chain, an initial in precious metal makes a lovely memento. In addition to personal initials, mothers often wear an initial necklace as an everlasting testament to a special child. Offering an ideal combination of beauty, sentiment, and charm, gold or sterling silver initial necklaces become keepsakes that are worn and valued for life. A viewer had only to see the look on Carrie's face when Mr. Big returned her lost necklace to understand how treasured they can be.