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About Ingraham Clocks

You still dream about the Ingraham clock that your grandmother kept on the wall of her home as you were growing up. You admired every curve of its body and tick-tock of its time keeping — if only you had one of your very own. Maybe a gingerbread mantle clock with a gold and black leaflet design is just what your living room needs to enhance its traditional design. An art deco winding Ingraham alarm clock with a golden face and bold numerals complements the decor that is already displayed in your bedroom. An Ingraham wall clock with Grandmother styling offers all the class of a tabletop option, but without taking up any valuable living space within your home. A variety of Ingraham clocks is available on eBay, including antique beauties that date all the way back to the 1800s when the company was first introduced to the world. Whether displayed on your mantle or your bedside table, your new Ingraham clock is sure to keep the good memories of family alive while helping you to keep your perspective of time for years to come.