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About Ingersoll Rands

Since the 1800s, Ingersoll Rand has been an industry leader in the field of industrial manufacturing. Based in Ireland, this company offers an assortment of products for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. These products are available on eBay in used or new condition from reliable sellers. Make your next job easier with an air compressor to fill tires, power equipment like jackhammers and nail guns, and an assortment of other purposes. These can come with tanks of varying sizes and capacities so you can get any job done. Some are electrical powered, while others simply require you to hook it up and let the gas out. Or, get the job done faster with an impact wrench, the bolt equivalent of a power drill. The compact design and ease of use can make accomplishing simple or complex tasks quicker, safer, and easier. Drills, grinders, and sanders can also be found under this trust brand. You have a job to do, and Ingersoll Rand seeks to make getting it done as convenient and efficient as possible.