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About Infrared Heaters

Stay warm and toasty when the cold wind blows by supplementing your home heating system with an infrared heater. You can pack away your heavy socks and extra blanket when you are sitting in a room with the direct heat from a quartz infrared heater. Infrared heaters quickly warm a room, which is just what you need when coming in from the cold. They have no fan for blowing the hot air, so they work silently. The coils inside the infrared heater transfer the heat evenly and the heat reflects off metal, providing instant warmth. Another advantage of quartz or ceramic infrared heaters is that they do not affect the humidity in the room or cause dry air. The heat produced is similar to the sun's rays but does not emit dangerous UV rays. The only maintenance you need to do on an infrared heater is to clean off the reflectors occasionally. There are no air filters or moving parts to replace. You can complement the decor in your home with a stylish heater that features a wood finish or a tower style. Browse the huge inventory of infrared heaters on eBay for a style that suits your home perfectly.