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About InFocus Projector

After a great deal of planning, you and your wife are about to open your own business, and you?re in need of an InFocus projector to use for staff meetings. One of your business associates recommended eBay as a great place to find both new and used office equipment and parts, so you check it out and are pleased when you find that several reliable sellers offer both new and used projector models encompassing almost every price range. You are ecstatic when you come across a brand new InFocus HD projector, as the professional full-3D 1080p projector comes with everything that you need to get to work right away. The seller also included both the quick start guide and a custom CD to help you learn how to fully access all of the options available on your new projector. In addition, you decided to go ahead and purchase a spare InFocus projector bulb from the same seller as well. Standing in front of your new staff, you are proud to make your presentation with the aid of such a sophisticated machine.