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About Infiniti J30

Between the world of luxury full-size sedans and sporty two-door coupes, there is a viable market for smaller, powerful cars that still ooze luxe. The Infiniti J30 is a car that began to define this "in-between" niche back in 1993 when it debuted as an important bridge model between the Infiniti Q45 and G20. Though it was only in production through 1997, this is still a notable and important Infiniti model. The highlight of the J30 for many buyers is its smaller body design as compared to the Q45. However, this rear wheel drive car also offers the benefit of four doors. Additionally, the J30 just looks different than any other early or mid-1990s Infiniti model. The main difference is its rounded body design and intense interior color contrasts, a look which remained virtually unchanged throughout its production years. In addition, the Infinity J30 engine offers 210 horsepower in a 3.0L V6 package. Though a limited number of J30s exist due to its short production life, finding everything from basic parts and body pieces to difficult-to-locate Infiniti J30 remote key fobs is easy on eBay. Searching sellers' listings is also a fun way to remember the important contribution that the Infiniti J30 made to the mid-size luxury sedan market.

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