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About Infantry Watches

Running, cycling, swimming, marching: When you are pushing yourself to the limits of your physical endurance, you need a watch that will not let you down. That is why you need a sports watch from the Infantry watches line. Founded in 2011, Infantry Co. is a young company with big ideas. A small but passionate team strives to produce exciting and innovative army and sports watches that offer the highest quality and the most adventurous designs at a budget price. An Infantry Infiltrator watch flies in the face of its name with bold designs, open faces with big, easy to read digits, and chunky controls. These are not dress watches for an evening out: These are timepieces built to function in high-octane situations. Infantry watch nylon, leather, and rubber straps offer a comfortable and easily adjustable fit, strong alloy-structure cases and scratchproof crystals provide the durability, and precision Japanese quartz movements keep the watches ticking. If you need a tough timepiece for when you are tackling an endurance run, or for when you are taking to the mountain trails on your bike, the Infantry watches available from the vast inventory on eBay tick all the right boxes.