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About Indonesian

A tropical archipelago nation that dots the sea on both sides of the equator, Indonesia is home to more than 300 different ethnic groups, each of which has contributed to the art, dress, architecture, and cuisine of the islands. Wayang Kulit performances, or shadow puppet shows, are a deep-rooted and important Indonesian tradition. You can add a touch of the exotic to your home decor with a beautifully crafted, genuine Indonesian puppet, a set of vintage, hard-carved wooden Wayang Golek puppets, an antique, hand-painted marionette, or a colorful Indonesian wooden hand rod puppet in fanciful dress. Batik, a method of wax-resist dying used on whole cloth, is a popular Indonesian art form that varies among local cultures. Gorgeous Indonesian batik fabric, apparel, place mats, and other textiles are available. Consider a genuine antique batik sarong in stunning shades of pink and red, a set of batik hand fans in assorted colors, or a vibrant, sunset dragon cotton panel to hang on your living room wall. For all of these treasures and many more, explore the extensive selection of Indonesian carvings, paintings, jewelry, and other items offered by the reliable sellers on eBay.