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About Indian Jewelry

Forget about the Gold Rush in the United States, Indian jewelry has been highly popular ever since this ancient civilization discovered how to collect and process precious metals. The jewelry is made of gold or silver and adorned with an inlay of gemstones. One of the most common pieces is the rani haar, which translates as "necklace of the queen." Imagine the regal feeling you get from wearing this long, heavy piece of Indian jewelry with a matched pair of dangle earrings. It complements any traditional Indian outfit, like the sari or salwar kameez. Thanks to the adjustable cord at the back of the necklace, you can get the pendant to suit the neckline of your attire. Weddings are a special occasion for brides the world over, and Indian bridal jewelry in particular is all about bright colors and bold designs. In addition to the necklace and earrings, this set often includes a maang tikka, which is worn on the forehead. Indian Bollywood jewelry is relatively inexpensive, so you can deck up in these festive gold-plated ornaments available on eBay and go celebrate the glamour of the movies.