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About Indian Headdresses

Don a bright and vibrant symbol of Native American tradition with an authentic style Indian headdress — an intricate head garment that symbolizes power and heritage. These ornate headdresses are ideal for costume parties, a reenactment of a traditional Indian Pow Wow, adding authenticity to an Indian costume, or as a decoration on your wall or mantel. There are a large assortment of Indian headdress options in the vast inventory found on eBay. Most designs are handmade in a traditional method that uses real leather and duck feathers that cascade down the back. The feathers are masterfully dyed in colors such as deep turquoise and brilliant cadmium red. Every headdress is one-of-a-kind because it is individually made. They include a beaded head band and locks of feathers and fur that add depth and fall along the sides of the face. Designed to sit on top the head, they fit both men and women and come in a variety of lengths, some of which reach the top of the leg. Whether you choose a modern-made headdress or a carefully cared-for vintage headdress, it is made with pride and exceptional craftsmanship.