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About Incredibles Costumes

Remember, no capes. A "The Incredibles" costume shows which side of the superhero costume debate you fall on, and in this case it is the side of reason, absence of accessories, stylish red-and-black contrast, and awesome movies. These red bodysuits with black gloves, shorts, and boots are a stylish ensemble for a solo Mr. Incredible costume or for a group effort involving the whole family in the super escapade. Whether you are dressed as Mrs. Incredible, her husband, or one of their super-powered kids you can rely on these costumes to be slick and simple without the tangle potential of extravagant superheroes like Superman or Batman. You can take them out for a night on the town trick-or-treating, or you can put a little extra spit and polish into your ensemble and debut it at a convention where strutting around in spandex with a superhero logo on your chest is considered laudable behavior. You can find a "The Incredibles" costume on eBay where reliable sellers offer them alongside other costume merchandise.

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