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About Incense

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful ones people possess?it controls their moods and even resurrects forgotten memories. From sweetening the air in a cathedral to providing subtle scents that aid aromatherapy, people from around the world have used different types of incense for centuries to tap into this wonderful sense. Incense is made from plants that have pleasing scents, many times combined with essential oils. When you burn or heat it, aromatic fumes fill the air. There are two main types of incense?direct burning and indirect-burning?and the type you choose dictates the accessories you need to release its fragrance. Direct-burning types contain combustible materials and burn slowly and steadily for hours. Popular examples include incense sticks and cones. Indirect-burning options are not processed and do not burn alone; a separate heat source releases their scents. A third type that does not involve any heat at all is a reed-diffused option that consists of an aromatic oil and bamboo reeds that slowly spread its scent throughout a space. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a range of incense and accessories allowing you to indulge your sense of smell.