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About Imperial Glasses

You probably can't imagine having a complete glass collection without at least one piece of Imperial glass. This is a series of glassware from the Imperial Glass Corporation that was based in Bellaire, Ohio. The company produced many elegant and prestigious lines such as Candlewick, Beaded Block, and American Beauty Rose. The handmade designs were often made of pressed glass, giving them a unique texture and style. These pieces were stylish and detailed, and usually came in bright colors, like the Imperial red glass candy dish. Items such as the slag bell and the fluted water pitcher make a lovely addition to any collection, and Imperial milk glass is snowy white, seen in vases, cups, and bowls. Find the pieces that capture your attention from the reliable sellers on eBay. With its exquisite design, Imperial glass is a great find for any glass collector, so find one or two pieces to display in your home.