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About Impala Rims

Spinner rims, neon rims, matte black, chrome, illuminated, painted, and OEM — when it is time to upgrade or replace your Impala rims, there are countless options. Many of the options for Chevy Impala rims come from aftermarket companies. While these are not official components, many people like aftermarket products because of the sheer diversity, and the opportunity to pay a lower price than they might have to pay for original components. However, if you want to maintain your Chevy's classic cool, you need original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels. OEM Impala rims are authentic Chevrolet components, so you can purchase them safe in the knowledge that you are getting a good quality component that fits your car. With OEM Impala rims, you are restoring your Chevy to the condition it was in when it first rolled off the production line; however, it is important to remember that the Impala dates back to 1958; over the years, many variants, with different OEM wheels, have been available. If you need some original Chevy Impala SS rims to help maintain your car's classic style, or you want cool aftermarket rims to add flair and originality, you can find everything you need among the large inventory on eBay.