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About Impact Wrenches

Tired of the constant twisting and sore wrists from manually wrenching day in and out on your projects? An impact wrench is not only an answer to your problem, it is also an upgrade making many of your mechanical tasks faster. These power tools use either air or batteries to increase the rate at which its output shaft spins, delivering loads of power with minimal energy exerted by its user. Find your cordless impact wrench designed to get rid of those tangling cables. These tools rely on battery packs to provide the power to get the job done. Craftsman, Milwaukee, DeWalt and many other brands sell cordless units. For bigger projects, an air impact wrench is still heavily relied upon as major units offer over 1,000 pounds of torque. There are electric cabled variants as well for smaller based projects, focused on at home fixes and hobbies. Find a large range of impact wrench tools on eBay. Reliable sellers offer large inventories on air guns, as well as convenient shipping options, getting you the tools you need when you need them.