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About Ike Dollar

Do you like Ike? For those who have an appreciation for both American history and numismatics, collecting Ike dollars (released between 1971 and 1978) can be an enjoyable pastime. These silver dollars feature the profile of President Dwight Eisenhower, and though the coins did not often see everyday use in the US, they were common in casinos. For this reason and for the fact that there are several types of Ike dollars, these coins continue to maintain popularity with coin collectors. If you are a collector, you are probably aware that clean, mint condition coins have a higher value, so make sure to look for Ike dollar sets on eBay available from reliable sellers. You can score a set that includes coins from different circulation years or one that offers coins encased in collector's plastic containers, keeping them pristine and neat. Some of the rarest Ike dollars include coins minted in 1972, which have a higher value if they receive a classification as rarities based on their markings. Being honored on a coin is the mark of an important American, and President Eisenhower is most certainly deserving of such a distinction.