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About Iittala

Tough to spell but easy to collect, Iittala glassware combines modern design with the traditionally high standards of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Since 1881, the Iittala glassworks has grown to include metal and ceramic pieces into its collection, yet has remained steadfast in its reliance on in-house designers to guide the vision of the product lines. One of the earliest examples of a designer-specific piece is an Iittala vase created by Alvar Aalto. Known as the Savoy Vase or simply the Aalto Vase, it premiered at the 1937 Paris World exposition to rave reviews for its iconic design and timeless elegance. Another signature piece of the Iittala collection is the Toikka bird. Representing the Birds by Toikka line that began production in 1962, each statuette is crafted from hand-blown colored glass and is styled after different types of birds including pheasants, owls, and cardinals. While the beauty and styling of the products might be priceless, new and used options available from reliable sellers on eBay ensure that you will be able to find an ideal piece of Iittala glassware for well within your budget.