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About IDE Hard Drives

Older PCs are more prone to hard drive crashes if the drive has not been replaced in recent years. Depending on the age of your PC, an IDE Hard Drive, also known as a Parallel ATA or PATA, may be required to replace any non-functioning drive. If you are looking to replace a desktop drive, you want a 3.5-inch IDE hard drive, while a laptop can use a 2.5-inch drive. IDE drives can be found in sizes all the way up to 750 GB in capacity, 500 GB being far more common, though these are not manufactured anymore and are second hand. While it is still possible to find a new IDE hard drive, due to being superseded by the Serial ATA drive, all of the major hard drive manufacturers halted production on IDE drives before 2010. To find new and used IDE drives, visit the reliable sellers on eBay for a wide range of different sizes and capacities of IDE hard drive products.