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About ID Holder

Jason Bourne probably would have liked to have an ID holder around his neck when he lost his memory. Of course, he did not have any identification on him so he had to dodge bullets while trying to figure out who he was. You can make your life a lot easier by getting an ID holder from the immense selection on eBay. That way, you will always know who you are, even if you find yourself in a "Bourne Identity" type of situation. If you want something simple, you can get a plastic ID holder. These holders are available with vertical and horizontal designs. You can also get something fancy, like a Coach ID holder. These holders have Coach designs along with open windows that display your ID. Most holders come with lanyards so you can display your badge around your neck so everyone will know who you are, even if you end up with a nasty case of amnesia, much like the hero Jason Bourne.