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About Icom VHF

Ten-four, we have them safe and we are coming in, over. Ham radio operators, rescue services, and others who need dependable communication over short-wave radio have long used Icom VHF radios. In particular, Icom radios are popular for marine applications. VHF radios are the primary means of communication between boats and ships around the world. The range of a VHF radio is generally as far as the eye can see, although it is affected by the number of obstacles in the way, the height of the aerial, and the power of the transmitting station. Icom VHF handheld marine radios are usually in the range of 2.5 watts to 5 watts of transmitting power. While a 5-watt radio has a bigger range than a 2.5-watt radio, the compromise is the battery life. Airline pilots, first responders, and many other businesses use other types of Icom portable VHF radios. eBay has a wide selection of Icom VHF radios for all these applications and easily searchable listings, filled with photos and specifications, so you find just the model you need.