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About Icelandic Sweaters

You may not be able to bring reindeer or schedule a live appearance from Santa himself, but you can give your friends and family a treasured memento from the North in the form of Icelandic sweaters. These sweaters come in beautiful Scandinavian designs and fit men, women, and children of all sizes. Production of Icelandic sweaters originated in Iceland during the 1950s. Traditionally, Icelanders wore these colorful garments, typically made from wool, to stay warm while working outside. Word of these beautiful clothes spread, however, and they remain popular and much-appreciated gifts today. On eBay, you can peruse a large inventory of new and used sweaters available from reliable sellers to find the right ones for your lucky family members. You may browse the vintage Icelandic sweater section to find a beautiful original sweater made in mohair and bearing a traditional Icelandic design, such as the floral pattern called lopapeysa, to give to your grandfather. You may also select an Icelandic mohair sweater that is handmade from luxuriously warm woven wool, as the perfect gift for your mother and sister.