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About Ice Age

The "Ice Age" movie collection contains mammoth adventures—both kinds. An endearing cast of animated characters attempting to survive the coming ice age will have you watching the antics of this unlikely menagerie over and over. Sid, the lazy, bumbling sloth, speaks with a lisp and has a heart as big as Antarctica. Manfred, the wooly mammoth, saves Sid early on in the story and earns Sid’s unwavering (although at times unwanted) loyalty for the duration. Diego, initially a foe, is a saber tooth tiger who ends up an unlikely addition to the motley pack headed south. The "Ice Age" trilogy is a heartwarming family series of movies that both adults and children will love. The reliable sellers on eBay offer all your new or pre-loved "Ice Age" toys and collectibles, as well as the DVDs. Get yourself an adorable plush Sid to cuddle up with at night or collect the entire cast of figurines. You're never too old to hang out with Manny, Sid, and Diego.