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About Icarts

At once classical and in touch with a new and modern era, the work of Louis Icart bridges a gap between multiple artistic eras. Reflecting the techniques of the Impressionist masters and the painters of the late 18th century, Icart's artwork also embodies the spirit of the Art Deco aesthetic, making it unique in the catalog of the 20th century. Never one to fit in entirely, Icart is an artist who both epitomized his time and eschewed its core vision. An Icart framed print might feature an elegant woman dressed in the style of the 1920s, but with brushwork that hearkens back to the works of Watteau or Fragonard. For his distinct approach, many collectors covet the art of this French artist. Icart's work is not limited to the two-dimensional world, either. Many collectors enjoy Icart bronze works, diaphanous sculptures that defy the heavy metal of their medium to appear as diaphanous as any Icart print or watercolor. If you want a piece from the oeuvre of this famed artist of the Art Deco era, explore the large inventory of options on eBay.