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About iBooks

Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of computers with his sleek, minimalist designs. The iBook performed the same tasks as PC laptops. As an early model marketed to entry level consumers and educators, the iBook Clamshell lived up to the Apple reputation. Apple fans still have a fondness for the unique curved clamshell design accented in bright colors. It is becoming a collectors' item, and many reliable sellers on eBay offer this computer. Produced from 1999 to 2001, the clamshell was a commercial success. It came loaded with Mac OS 8.6, a CD-Rom, and 64 megabytes of SD Ram. By 2001, Apple chose to move away from the shell to the standard rectangular laptop design. In the iBook G3, fans saw the beginning of the lightweight, thin designs that soon became a key element of all electronic devices. The original iBook weighed 6.7 pounds, but by the time the iBook G4 came out in 2003, it only weighed 4.9 pounds. Although, the bright colors and unique design of the clamshell faded away, the iBook series featured Apple's first forays into thinner, smaller, and lighter computer technology.