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About IBM T43

Notebooks, such as the IBM ThinkPad T43, are the ideal choice in technology. Notebooks can get beat up easily when carried around. The T43 is sturdy and durable so it won?t get dinged up as you use it day in and day out. The IBM T43 keyboard is one of its best features. It has TrackPoint navigation, which features a pointing stick, touchpad and multiple mouse buttons so anyone can choose which works best for them. Another perk of this notebook, is the IBM T43 fan. It is so aggravating to be working on a notebook, and have it get all hot. Then the fan comes on to cool it off, and it is loud and distracting. This fan does not do that. The fan is on the left side and when it runs, it just makes a quiet "whirr" sound. This notebook has all the qualities anyone could want. Reliable sellers on eBay make it easy to find the IBM Thinkpad T43, whether new or used. Get your notebook and work away.