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About IBM Selectric

The original IBM Selectric, introduced in July of 1961, is an electric typewriter that revolutionized the typing experience. Instead of a set of traditional typebars like the ones used by other typewriters, IBM introduced a type element that looked like a small ball. To change the font, users simply change out the IBM Selectric ball for one with a different font. Since the typewriter is electric, typing on it is easier than typing on a manual typewriter. The keys respond rapidly, without requiring a hard strike from each finger. Changing the IBM Selectric ribbon is just as easy as changing the Selectric typing balls. Since the ribbon has the uptake and supply spools in the same cartridge, there was no risk of tangling the ribbon when changing it. Buyers who are looking for that authentic typewriter experience find it with the IBM Selectric. With the wide network of reliable sellers on eBay, you can find everything you need to keep your Selectric running for a long time to come.