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About Ibanez SR

Ibanez Sr has a long history that started before they opened their first store in Pennsylvania. The company hit the market in the US running by offering high quality, but inexpensive copies of various products already available for much higher prices. The market quickly took to Ibanez Sr product, which spurred the company on to create their own unique products. Well-known guitar players, like Paul Stanley of KISS, have played many of their pieces on Ibanez Sr instruments. The manufacturer provides a wide variety of guitars and basses to meet the individual needs of artists. Pieces like the Ibanez SR500, which is part of the Prestige series, comes in multiple versions with high quality finishes and features. Another great example of the company's high quality work is the Ibanez SR800 with its thin but strong neck. Buying an Ibanez from the reliable sellers on eBay is a great way to get started playing a bass without going broke. Having your new bass shipped direct to your door gives you time to get things done so that you have plenty of free time to practice.