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About Hyperion

Soaring high in the sky, your all-electric controlled Hyperion plane glides with ease as you maneuver it to do tricks and soaring dives. Although a day of fun flying is what you had in mind, suddenly it is cut short as your plane loses altitude. Your plane needs a rest and a good charger too. Find what you need on eBay to browse a selection of new and refurbished battery chargers. Genuine Hyperion chargers come with a built-in USB and power cable, which allows you to take advantage of firmware updates for your plane that offer added features and performance. With a 220 V and a 12 V input charger, your plane will be ready in no time. If you'd rather not wait for a single battery to charge, purchase a few spare batteries to have on hand when you want to enjoy hours upon hours of flying. The sky should be the only limit between you and exhilaration of flying your favorite plane.

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