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About Hydraulic Jacks

Flat tires, worn brake pads, oil changes — all of these things require you to get underneath your car. Luckily, a hydraulic jack provides a quick and safe way to get all of those dirty jobs done without getting too dirty, yourself. Depending on the job at hand and the strength needed to lift your vehicle, there are hydraulic car jack options that lift up to 20 tons or more. A basic hydraulic floor jack is compact, durable, and can lift almost 2 tons with just a few pumps. A hydraulic jack uses liquid to push against a piston, using a two-cylinder system. You can use the least amount of force to create a greater force within the larger cylinder, making it easy to lift heavy objects and secure them in place. With the vast inventory of hydraulic garage and car jacks found on eBay, you can find one that offers the power you need and the portability. The next time you have to change a tire, simply place the hydraulic jack under the car and pump the lever to start raising the vehicle off of the ground.