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About Hydraulic Fittings

That liquid beneath your actuator, pump, or valve may not be a sign of impending doom. Rather, it may simply mean that you need to tighten or replace your hydraulic fittings. While there are welded parts that carry hydraulic fluid, there are also hoses that connect one component of the machine to the other. Hydraulic hose fittings usually screw the hose to the machine, while o-ring fittings require a washer, o-ring, and an exterior nut to hold the hose in place. If you need hydraulic fittings for your airplane, consider beam seals, which are metal to metal fittings. For other jobs, pick up some hydraulic crimp fittings. Crimp fittings require either a crimping sleeve or a simple pair of pliers to squeeze the metal of the fitting to the metal of the hose. Whatever your fitting needs, find a wide assortment through the many reliable sellers on eBay. With convenient shipping options, you can pick up a few different types of hydraulic fittings at the same time.