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About Hydraulics

You never dreamed that taking over a landscaping business would require a crash course in the field of hydraulics. However, when both your log splitter and chipper broke down, you had to learn where to find and install a hydraulic cylinder and an external gear pump. The first step was easy—you successfully found the parts on eBay from reliable sellers—and the second step entailed hiring an expert to show you the ropes. First, he explained how to replace the cylinder and showed you what it does. It works with linear movement, making it an efficient choice for use in chippers. You saw that the piston rod helps make the chipper’s motor move faster. Luckily, the external gear pumps were easy to install and now your log splitter lifts almost any size log easily. While you are sure that the landscaping business will be fun, you are also grateful that the subject of hydraulics is no longer as complicated. With your newfound skills and knowledge, it’s time to make mountains move—figuratively, that is.