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About Husqvarna WR

Ride in the well-worn tracks of a long-time Motorsport and Enduro championship and bellwether of the motorbike industry when you join the ranks of Husqvarna WR owners. Over its 100-plus year long and illustrious history as a leader, the Husqvarna WR has always emerged with light-weight motorbikes that take well to mechanical enhancement and customization by owners. The company sold the motorbike division to an Italian company in 1987. In 2010, BMW bought Husqvarna and only a few short years sold it back to its original owner. Dust off the old Husqvarna WR 125 motorbike, freshen up its parts and appearance, and get back out riding. Whether you were once a professional rider or racer, maybe it is time to pass down the tradition along your family lines, teaching your kids about motorbikes. Among the many reliable sellers on eBay, some may have Husqvarna WR 450 parts from time to time. Be sure to take advantage of the convenient shipping options as well.

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