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About Husqvarna 250

When your nephew won his first motocross race, you thought your heart would pop out of your chest. Instead, you decided to give him a classic Husqvarna 250 bike as a prize. However, you had a secondary motive: the bike was a fixer-upper, and you hoped against hope that the boy would be excited about rebuilding it with you. The bike is an early Husqvarna CR 250 air-cooled model, which you like more than the later liquid-cooled systems. Your nephew is excited at the prospect of rebuilding the bike and asks you what it needs. You were ready for his question, because after giving it the once-over, you discovered a bent piston. You bring him to your computer and explain that the first step in the restoration process is to order a Husqvarna 250 piston from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. He smiles as you click through all the options; he is so charming that you pick up a few extra Husqvarna 250 parts, just in case.

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