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About Hurst Shifters

As you shift your vehicle into high gear, something does not feel right. Maybe it’s the vibration, the lack of response, or the need for more control to complete shifts faster and achieve a higher acceleration rate. It's time for an upgrade to a Hurst shifter. Aftermarket options provide you with high-performance and a quick response time as you down or up shift into the next gear. Hurst is known for its durability, control, and short, precise throws. Models such as the Super shifter are available new on eBay from reliable sellers. Not sure about replacing your transmission box? You can also add a shifter handle or knob to your vehicle to upgrade the shifting arm. Boost the performance of your vehicle no matter what you drive, manual or automatic, with this brand of precision engineered shifters for professional racers and everyday drivers. Kick your vehicle into overdrive with just a flick of the wrist and take off on the open road.