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About Humpty Dumpty

Mention the words "wall," "fall," and "king's men," and anyone around you instantly thinks of Humpty Dumpty and his irreparable spill from an unknown wall. This popular children's nursery rhyme has spawned many related toys, decor items, and other products over the years. For instance, nursery rhyme fans can purchase a vintage Humpty Dumpty pair of salt and pepper shakers for a whimsically themed kitchen. In a nursery or playroom, a Humpty Dumpty toy or puzzle adds to the charm of the decor as well as supplying additional entertainment for little ones. Puppets, dolls, cookie jars, coin banks, and other items centered on the fallen hero of the tale offer a wide range of choices for collectors or for children who are fascinated with the story. Check eBay for listings of unusual or vintage items to add to your themed collection or to your child's room. Many of eBay's reliable sellers offer gently used products, while others supply brand-new versions of Humpty. Bring a favorite old rhyme to life with a unique Humpty Dumpty toy or game.