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About Hulk Hogan

Hollywood Hogan, Terry Boulder, Mr. America, Thunderlips, no matter what you call him, the appeal of Hulk Hogan is undeniable. Since he burst onto the professional wrestling scene in the late 1970s, The Hulkster has captured audience's attention with his signature blond hair, loud proclamations, and stunning, 6 foot, 7 inch 302-pound frame. Over the years, Hogan has done far more than simply wrestle, however. He is also an actor, reality TV star, musician, and entrepreneur. Not surprisingly, those who love him and his signature brand of Hulkmaina love to show it with everything from Hulk Hogan t-shirts to Halloween costumes complete with his signature bandana. eBay is a great place for these fans to find everything they need, since sellers offer more than the mundane. Many specialize in rare and vintage Hulk Hogan action figures, autographs, and more. A 12-time world champion, 6-time WWF/WWE champion, and 6-time WCW World Heavyweight Campion, Hulk Hogan is an impressive athlete. More importantly, however, he is also a man with a devoted fan base who knows and appreciates just what all those titles mean.