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About Hulk Hands

While some people tend to get angry when faced with injustice, few experience a transformation like straight-laced physicist Bruce Banner does. When Bruce gets angry, he takes on an entirely different persona, an alter ego equipped with superhuman strength, bright green skin, and massive hulk hands, hell bent on destruction. The popular comic book and television character offers hours of make-believe fun for children of all ages with the jaw-dropping man-to-monster makeover. Shoppers big and small enjoy colorful Hulk-inspired hands offered through reliable sellers on eBay, in new and pre-owned condition. Some Hulk aficionados might lean toward inflatable Gamma Slam Hands, complete with smash bricks stacking 44 inches high, while others opt for plush authentic-looking hands with talking sound effects. With each smash, these colossal hands issue dire warnings and monstrous remarks, further enhancing playtime. Plush hands without side effects make enjoyable products for winter wear, make-believe smashing, and friendly boxing. Within seconds, Hulk hands turn ordinary people into formidable beasts, from little tykes to adult comic collectors like Sheldon Cooper from "Big Bang Theory." "Goodnight puny human."

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