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About Hulk Comics

If you are an Incredible Hulk enthusiast, Hulk comics are as fun to collect, as they are to reread as many times as you like, whenever the mood hits. Incredible Hulk 1, the very first of the series featuring the green behemoth, is a prized possession for any Hulk comics collector. This rare comic book dates back to 1962 at an original whopping price of 12 cents ? worth thousands of times that today, even for a poor quality version. If reading or filling out your comic book collection is more important than claiming hold to that premiere issue, a Hulk comic lot offers a chance to fill in comic books missing from a series, or to upgrade poor quality copies you have on hand to something in better shape. No matter which Hulk comics you seek for your collection, reliable sellers on eBay have plenty to choose from, including variants and extremely rare, collectible comic books and related Incredible Hulk memorabilia.