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About Hulk 181

Comic books are valuable for a number of reasons such as being a first issue, limited printing run, or because an iconic character debuted in the issue. Case in point, Hulk 181, which featured the debut of Wolverine. Wolverine and the Hulk start off on opposite sides at the beginning of the comic book, but end up fighting alongside each other in the end. Wolverine's debut occurred in 1974, and before long, he moved on to become part of the X-Men and in his own comic book. When looking to add this as part of a comic book collection, copies of Incredible Hulk 181 should be in mint condition. This means that the book is sealed in a Mylar or plastic bag and is in unused or unread condition. In addition, there are no folded or curled pages, the book has a stiff spine, and the covers and inside pages are stain-free and do not have any tears or stray pen marks, unless autographed, such as by the artist, writer, or inker. Look for copies of Hulk 181 on eBay, where there is a large inventory of books available in many different price ranges.