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About Hulk 1

The Hulk 1 comic book came out in 1962, and since then has created multiple story lines, including spin-offs such as She-Hulk and a number of motion pictures. This creation helped to fuel the fire of animosity between DC and Marvel fans. The Incredible Hulk 1 was one of the first nearly indestructible heroes in the comic’s line-up. Remember that time when the Hulk was being beaten by the Red Hulk and then you discovered it was really General Ross? What about the time that they shot him out into outer space and he came back and completely annihilated the X-Men? The reliable sellers on eBay have loads of the pre-loved and new editions of the Incredible Hulk 1 comic. Now, you can brush up on all of the epic story lines that you may have forgotten and settle the debate of Marvel vs. DC once and for all between you and your friends. Read about the classic struggles of the green goliath as Bruce Banner struggles with his inner gamma irradiated monster and saves the world multiple times. Hulk 1 can pretty much stand up to any competition, considering that he is basically the only super hero out there who can take on Super Man.