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About Hulk

Hulk smash! Dr. Bruce Banner absorbed massive amounts of gamma radiation in his attempt to save a teenager, turning him into a grey beast. But everyone knows the Hulk is green, you might exclaim. You would be correct in that assumption: green is the color associated with the Hulk. When drafting the first Hulk comic, creator Stan Lee envisioned him as grey so as not to associate the Hulk with any race. The colorist had difficulties maintaining consistency with the grey shading, which resulted in Stan Lee making the ultimate decision to give Hulk his well-known green color. While the Hulk has only existed in the original grey and the traditional green, the Red Hulk has emerged as a powerful foe the Hulk must suppress. The superhero makes appearances in several Marvel comic series as well as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and other TV shows. If the scientist who, according to Tony Stark, has "breath-taking anger management issues" smashed any of your favorite Hulk toys, you can replace them on eBay. Consider pre-owned toys if you worry that they will become the victims of future smashing.

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