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About Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis is the lead singer, songwriter, and musician from the band Huey Lewis and the News. You still remember going to his live concerts and cheering right alongside thousands of other excited fans. Although best known for his music featured in "Back to the Future," the singer has many albums and has even appeared in a number of movies. With one of the Huey Lewis CDs, you get to enjoy his music every day. If you are a collector, there are also vintage Huey Lewis cassette tapes and records to hunt down. Hang the record case on the wall in your man cave to show it off to your friends and put one of the band’s posters next to it. Find all kinds of new and used memorabilia on eBay. Do not forget to order a shirt as well to wear on casual Fridays or to a concert. If the singer ever performs again, you will be ready and waiting.

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