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About Hudson Bay Blankets

In Canada, the Hudson's Bay blanket is almost as iconic as the beaver or the maple leaf. In a lot of ways, that simple blanket with colored stripes built the country; the Hudson's Bay Company traded the original blankets with the First Nations people during the fur trade that founded the country. When the Hudson's Bay Company reimagined itself as a department store, it continued to produce the iconic blanket and sold it in Bay stores from coast to coast. In present day, the Hudson's Bay blanket is still a bestselling item in Canada. Shoppers can also find Hudson's Bay blanket jackets, T-shirts, towels, throws, and even holiday stockings. Bay blankets and blanket-themed items are also popular souvenirs for tourists from outside of Canada, and collectors all over North America prize older Hudson's Bay blankets. The Hudson's Bay company adds authenticity labels to all of its blankets and related products, making it easier to identify genuine Hudson's Bay items. Whether you want to show off your Canadian pride or you collect antiques, you can explore a vast inventory of new and vintage Hudson's Bay blankets on eBay.

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