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About Hubley

Hubley is a world-class name when it comes to vintage and antique toys built to last. These toys, such as cars, trucks, planes, and motorcycles, feature vivid paint colors and were made of durable die-cast metal or even cast iron. A Hubley car is just as fun to look at today as it was to play with when it was new for generations past. A racecar seems to speed along on its rubber tires with a metal driver firmly planted behind the wheel. In later years, Hubley also offered plastic car models that people built themselves, such as a Model A car. Hubley cast iron collectibles range from doorstops to toy cars and motorcycles fitted with rubber tires. These heavy pieces are highly collectible and show off themes popular several generations ago. No matter which type of Hubley collectibles you prefer, reliable sellers on eBay have plenty to choose from, including parts and reproduction pieces needed to complete a specific project or to fill out a collection.