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About Hubcaps

Brightly shining chrome hubcaps are like the icing on the top of the cake when it comes to your car. Nothing is easier to install and works better to draw the eye than some chrome. Classic car owners have to keep it real with vintage hubcaps on their wheels. The unique solid chrome bowl shaped hubcaps of the VW Bus are hard to ignore. Statement makers must have the iconic look offered by a set of vintage Caddy wheel chrome. You can create a made look with spinner hubcaps for vintage and contemporary vehicles. Designed with a rotating attachment, the spinner turns freely whether the car is moving forwards, backwards, or even stopped. Get a simple spinner with spokes to mimic the look of old style carriages. Or look for car manufacturer spinners on eBay to fit your classic model of Dodge, Ford, Corvette, or Jaguar. A few vintage hubcaps feature color to heighten the visual effect, such as a set of Chevy spinners with bright red centers and the Chevrolet logo in blue. Add some bling that highlights the model and year of your new or classic car.