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About HTC Desire HD

All smartphone buyers know that HTC's flagship phones are always objects of desire, and the HTC Desire HD is no exception. This high-end Android smartphone is crafted from one piece of aluminum sheet. The result is a sleek, curved body that is a pleasure to hold and use. Nonetheless, the Desire HD is not all about great design. With its efficient Snapdragon processor and an Adreno 205 graphics processing unit, this smartphone is both fast and powerful. On the software side, HTC refined the Android mobile operating system powering the phone with its own Sense UI overlay. However, the battery powering the HTC Desire HD has a small capacity. Although the phone tries to make it last longer by going into a low-power state when it is not in use, you will need an extra HTC Desire HD battery if you are a heavy user. With a large inventory of unlocked HTC Desire HD offered by reputable sellers on eBay, you need not sign another cell phone contract in order to enjoy this highly desirable smartphone.